About Me

Ah about me, my favorite topic!

Just kidding – I’m not nearly that vain 😀

Part of who I am and where the funny story behind the name Master Dayton came from can be found on the What It Means to Master page on this site, and it doesn’t take long looking through the pages to get a good sense of my extremely unique unapologetic self.

But since you cared enough to ask:

I’m a proud graduate of Coe College (go Kohawks!) and finished my MFA at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I’m a life long traveler with a permanent affliction of wanderlust, and I wouldn’t want to settle down even if there was a cure. There’s too much amazing places to see, people to meet, and adventures to have. I’ve been to 41 of 50 states and want to hit all 50 before I turn 38.

I’m a proud Eagle Scout, professional writer, and have a wide range of interests and adventures through my life. I firmly believe in the Celtic belief that wealth was measured by the number of amazing stories a man could tell about the course of his life. I’ve done my best to live by that.

You can learn about my first fiction book, My Brother’s Keeper, at Amazon.com

I was an executive producer for an awesome film: Apocalypse CA

My LinkedIn Profile is Here: www.linkedin.com/in/masterdayton

An old “professional page” is here: Learn more about me

My favorite current project is: Amazing Outdoor Adventures

I am extremely blessed to have met so many amazing people in my life and look forward to many more adventures. This website has been a long time in finding its voice and identity, and I hope to turn it into something truly special!