History – About Us

Starting with the Brief History

In some form or another the Master Dayton blog has existed since September of 2008. The idea was getting up a website that helped others get going as a freelance writer, something I’d done on HubPages, eHow, and Squidoo in some form or another, but I wanted my own blog to basically share how to break into things as a freelance writer. At the time it was a side project, and then the Great Recession happened, and quickly it became so much more.

My full focus with the original Master Dayton blog (linked to the original one on blogspot if you’re morbidly curious) was all about the freelance writing online, passive income via AdSense & affiliate marketing, and making money whether a college student looking for extra scratch, someone laid off who needed something to tie them over, or someone going for the full independent laptop lifestyle.

After some time I eventually decided to host on my own domain, which was the birth of masterdayton.com. Admittedly this was as much for changing with the times as SEO changed (blogspot blogs used to rank quickly, so they were more than good enough to build blogs and put on AdSense and affiliate links). A few more long posts came out, a few guest posts were accepted, and then a combination of things in my personal life hit like one hammer blow after another, and the online stuff just couldn’t be a priority until things got better.

What happened during that time?

  • I suffered a crippling 5 year bout of severe depression that has permanently changed my life
  • Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird, Google Caffeine, and many other updates to make you hate formerly cute animals of all kinds
  • eHow, Squidoo, Associated Content, Yahoo Voices, Helium.com, Demand Studios (direct general) all ceased to exist and Elance.com is phasing out to Upwork (which so far I’m NOT a big fan of) and Guru.com was once a great way to break in and now is just terrible
  • Passive income from direct article writing went from easy to very hard
  • More opportunities than ever exist for people blogging or hosting their own websites
  • I found myself constantly blessed by random e-mails from people who stumbled on the old forgotten and neglected blogs and were helped by them – sometimes in ways way beyond income
  • Had the full range of spiritual growth/death/wrestling/conflicted resolution
  • Got an office job and then was laid off, then hired by said company as a freelancer, then we were all let go, the re-hired by same company for a soul crushing cubicle job
  • I realized what I had been doing wasn’t making me happy – and if I’m not happy then what’s the point?
  • I’m not willing to let my 20’s (as unbelievably adventurous and spectacular as they were) be the highlight years of my life – coming out of the depression
  • I want Master Dayton to be a lot more than just niche freelancing, especially when looking at an online world that is constantly changing and where heart felt 6,000 word posts can be obsolete tomorrow with one sale or shut down website or Google update

So the end result of that attempt to make this a major project, to make it an outlet to help out thousands of others, to be able to pour my heart, energy, and soul into a brand/website/blog I can be proud of. That’s the idea to this present day setting 🙂 If you’re helped by what you see and shop on Amazon, please consider shopping through the link on the right hand column. You can buy everything you were going to buy anyway, and I get a cut of Amazon.com’s share to help pay for hosting, costs, and everything else.

Thanks for stopping by!

About Me/Us

Writer, MFA-holder, alcohol enthusiast, depression sufferer/survivor, traveler, novelist, loving uncle, travel addict. I’m a lot of things and through years of experience, study, and a burning desire to be better, to do better, to help others, is the driving force behind relaunching “Master Dayton” into something I’m eager to jump back into once again.

I don’t regret the early focus on freelancing – it helped so many people and I’ll always feel blessed because of that. However it is definitely past time to change, to evolve, to move on to what is next. There’s a lot I can offer people, and I hope there’s a lot on here that you find fantastic.

Thank you for visiting!