What it Means to Master

Stone victory statue

I will slay the Inter-webs! Or something…

This blog is going to look a lot different in the future than it does right now, and for good reason. At the very beginning back in 2007, that meant teaching individuals how to take advantage of all the many online opportunities there were for making money as a freelance writer. I focused on this because it was something I had been doing for a couple years at that point and this seemed like a good way I could share my knowledge to help college students, stay at home Moms, or unemployed individuals get started. My focus early on was on a part-time income, on taking advantage of getting a little more cash here or there, but with a flood of e-mails I also started pushing into teaching how to make a full time living as an online writer and the potential benefits that passive income could bring to people in a wide variety of different life situations.

That was the original purpose, because at the time that made sense not only as far as what I could offer but also what so many people needed.

graduation hat and diploma

Education doesn’t always equal mastery.

Then there’s my famous/infamous nickname…

“Master Dayton” came as a nickname borne from a joke I made. And then family members ran with it and it never quite died. Part of it was a tongue in check reference to my overall grad school experience (as many great people as I met, as many great classes as I had, and as amazing as those years were for me in Alaska, overall the experience still managed to be, well let’s be polite and say ‘less than ideal’), while with other friends over a table of beers I made the pitch for being called “Master.”

“If Ph.D’s get called doctors without having to cut someone open, then why shouldn’t an MFA be called ‘Master?'”

Results varied from “Ha, ha, ha, NO,” to “I’m not calling you master – at least buy a lady a drink first,” but they were generally hilarious and good-natured. And let’s face it, even when it’s in jest or as a nickname, it never hurts the self confidence to be called “Master.” So Master Dayton it was.

So what does “master” mean now if it’s not a writing blog?

Well I’ve been wrestling with this question for way too long, and honestly it probably has delayed me re-launching this blog. So my bad on that one. And at the end of it all I’ve got to be honest: I still don’t have a succinct clear-cut answer for you. There will still be plenty for writers: freelancers and aspiring creative writers, as well. There will be a lot on website building, blogging, and SEO, because I think these are all really important and they’re topics and skills that can really change a person’s life.

In addition to this, I’m going to talk a lot about self-improvement and beating depression because if you’ve ever been there…yeah. That takes precedence over everything else. So what does this make the blog? I don’t know. Probably bad for SEO, probably not the best business model, but it makes it vibrant and different and interesting, and that’s something that I can commit to over the long-term. Because I’ve missed this.

And I need to set up more anchors during the good times for when those rough currents inevitably return. The feeling of being able to help out others has always been important in my life and was one of the most rewarding parts of having an online presence. Hopefully I don’t end up being the only one happy to be back 🙂

What I want this blog to be:

  • A frequently updated blog that is always delivering original and interesting articles
  • A place to begin mastering many helpful professional skills including WordPress design, blogging, SEO, online marketing, freelance writing, and more
  • A place to master many life skills like finances, cooking, investment, self-improvement, overcoming depression, beating nightmares, starting your own business and more
  • A place where what’s on my mind or what’s interesting supersedes any keywords or topics
  • An amazing resource on a variety of interesting topics
  • Informational and damned entertaining

What the blog won’t be:

  • Streamlined into one specific topic or set of keywords
  • A heavily commercialized website (I have nothing against monetization, but it will all fit in with the posts, not just be a thin affiliate site)
  • A heavy handed theme to stick with just one topic ad nauseam
  • A purely personal weblog
  • Boring. I really, really hope this blog never ends up being boring!

Still reading? Well dang I like ya’ll then!

So whether your goal is to find an entire plethora of resources to improve yourself, learn to blog and run an at home business, or just look for great information that is really helpful for anything you’re trying to master, then stick around and let’s see what future posts have to bring to the table!